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Our Friendly and Reliable Chauffeurs

Our company was created as we really enjoy providing our customers with a great service. At KB Executive Chauffeurs we love driving and we love interacting with new and returning customers each and every day. We are a small family company and intend to keep it that way, because we are focused on providing exceptional customer service. We do not intend to grow or expand the company, because we want to keep the company at its core – providing a reliable and professional chauffeur service in East Sussex for our valued customers. 

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Our Values & Philosophy

Underpinning every journey we make for our customers, are a few values which we always strive to uphold:



The Little Details

We ensure every journey you take with us is a luxurious experience with complimentary tissues, mints, bottled water and telephone charging points. If there is anything that we can do to make your trip more comfortable, just let your driver know and they will endeavour to help you.

Chauffeur in East Sussex and Wealden. Tennis balls

Your Comfort

Whether you have just arrived back to the UK from a warm sunny destination, or you have just departed from a stressful corporate meeting, when you enter one of our cars, feel free to relax. make a call, go to sleep or listen to some music – however you wish to de-stress, please feel free. If you would like total silence, or you fancy a chat to find out some information about the local area, just let your driver know and they will be happy to be of help.


Chauffeur in East Sussex and Wealden. Your comfort our priority.

First Class Service

KB Executive Chauffeurs was created because at its heart we love providing the best service for our customers. We aim to always be punctual, professional and friendly, and strive to deliver this first-class service every time we transport one of our valued customers.

Chauffeur in East Sussex and Wealden. Black BMW private hire car.